What Is The Difference Between Dental Implants And Dental Bridges

Some people have never known that there is a difference between dental implants and dental bridges. If one has ever lost a tooth and replaced it, then they may automatically know the difference. This is as a result of research during the period of replacement. It should be noted that there are some differences between the two as compared below.

  1. Their placement

Both of them act as replacements to lost teeth but the difference comes in the method of replacement. The dental implants are placed on the jaw and have a root just like a normal tooth only that it is artificial. The dental Dental Implantbridges are made to be supported by the adjacent teeth. They are therefore dependent on the adjacent tooth unlike the other one which is supported by the screws on the gums.

  1. Oral Health

Maintaining the oral health is also different among the two. This is facilitated by how they are placed on the gums. The implants are screwed individually into the gums while the bridges are supported by the adjacent teeth. This may imply that the oral health of the adjacent teeth may be compromised since they are the pillars to the bridge. On the other hand, the implant is supported individually as an individual entity. Thus implants offer better oral health as compared to the dental bridges.

  1. Durability

The dental implants are considered to be more durable as compared to the dental bridges. This is because, the implants are connected directly to the bone of the jaw. The dental implants are dependent on the strength of the existing teeth. The existing teeth are also prone to decay while the implants are made of titanium which is neither prone to decay nor diseases. Metals are also stronger than the natural bones. The possibility of using bridges as temporary measure as one prepares to have the dental implants for long term is also there.

  1. The cost

The advantages of having a dental implant seem to outweigh the use of dental bridges. Therefore there is a likelihood of a wide difference in the initial price. The use of dental implants in Fort Worth is likely to be expensive as compared to the bridges. One may decide to use the bridges as they prepare to get the dental implants. The bridges may be used temporarily as one prepares for the long term use of implants. They may need preparation in terms of cost. Therefore as one gets the cash for implants, they can have the dental bridges.

  1. Appearance

Dental implants look more like the natural teeth more than the bridges. The technology used to make them gives them the resemblance of natural teeth as much as possible. From the outsiders, it may not be easy to differentiate the real teeth and the implant. The dental bridges are easily spoted.