What Is A Root Canal

Root canal is the form of treatment that is done on a tooth to save it from removal. The tooth may be decayed or infected. Instead of complete removal, the procedure of root canal is done on it in order to save it and restore the natural smile and the initial natural beauty. The tooth is completely repaired and nobody can know whether there was a problem on the tooth. The procedure mainly involves cleaning the pulp inside the tooth and the filling it back. The pulp which is damaged, is thoroughly cleaned and then it is filled with a filler. After all this has been done, it is sealed so that the filler is firmly intact and does not spill out. From the outside the others cannot know that there has been a filled tooth.

The Procedure of Root Canal

The following is an outline of the general procedure that one should expect during a root canal procedure.

  1. When one visits the best ormond beach dentist, the dentist will perform an x-ray on the affected teeth in order to determine the extent of damage. He studies the x-ray and is able to determine the location of the tooth decay.
  2. Before he starts any work on the tooth, heDental Root Canal administers an anesthesia in order to manage the pain during the process. There has been a
    misconception that no anesthesia is put during the procedure. This reduces the pain especially on the nerves in this area.
  3. He is then able to access the tooth until he arrives at the damaged area. In this case, the affected area by decay. The whole pulp that has decayed, is carefully removed using the appropriate tools.
  4. After all the decay has been removed, the space that has been left is filled up completely taking care not to leave any air spaces or air gaps in between.
  5. Once the filling is complete, it is sealed by the use of cement. This is to completely lock all the filling matter inside and give the teeth its natural look.

Reasons for the root canal treatment

The following are some of the reasons why one can opt for root canals.

  1. When a tooth has cracked and the nerves have been exposed. A root canal may be used to help protect the exposed nerve endings.
  2. When there is an abscess in the root canal. The best option may be a root canal.
  3. When someone’s tooth is slowly dying, root canals may be used to salvage the lifespan of the tooth. This may be as a result of aging.
  4. When one has a tooth decay that has gone deep into the tooth, the dentist may recommend root canal as an alternative to solve the problem.