What Are Veneers

Veneers are colored fittings that are placed on teeth in order to give them a newer, better look. They are always made thin in order to fit onto the surface of the teeth and rejuvenate its appearance. The veneer is also a method that is used in order to help one to restore their smile. When an individual can smile, their confidence is also improved. Therefore one can come from the dentist with the option of using dental veneers.

Problems that can be solved with veneers

  1. Irregular, uneven teeth- Veneer has the capability of correcting the uneven teeth. Teeth can be uneven as a result of natural growth or adult teeth can easily overgrow on top of milk teeth if they are not removed early enough.Dental Veneers
  2. Discolored teeth- When an individual has discolored teeth, they can get veneer of their preferred color to sort out the color issue. If one wants to have white teeth, they simply get white veneers and bind them on the surface of the original teeth.
  3. Broken teeth- When one breaks their teeth as a result of an accident or any form of injury, they can correct the dental anomaly by the use of veneers. The veneers are placed overlying the broken teeth. From the outside look, one cannot know it is a veneer.
  4. Teeth with large gaps in between them- People with such kind of teeth should now smile knowing that their solution is easily sorted by the use of veneers. They are used to fill in the gaps and enable an individual to restore their smile once again.

The Procedure of placing the veneers

The procedure is not as complicated as the other processes like cosmetic dentistry. First of all the person visits the dentist to discuss and prepare for their placement. The dentist then removes some enamel from the teeth in order to prepare space for the veneer. He then takes the shape and image of the teeth to the laboratory for the veneer to be custom made with the same look as the teeth. It is then attached to the teeth.

The Advantages of using veneers

  1. They give a natural look. They are made to look exactly as the natural teeth. They are made to the desired shape, color and size.
  2. Most veneers are made of porcelain. The porcelain material rarely reacts with the gums thus making it suitable for use in the dental health.
  3. Veneers are not easily stained by any form of food or food color. Therefore when one has them they need not fear smiling because their smile is indeed restored.
  4. They can be made into whatever color the patient wants. It is therefore quite easy to give them the natural color of the other teeth.