What Is Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the process of filling in a tooth then bonding the filling in order to correct minor conditions. The filling can be made of resin and plastic. It is a temporary process that a person can resort to as they prepare for the main cosmetic procedures. The preparation may be in terms of gathering enough finances for the major procedure. Also it may be a way of allowing the individual to get prepared psychologically. One may have the dental bonding as they get their mind to slowly accept that they will go through a major process later on.

Situations in which dental bonding is useful

  • Filling of a decayed tooth- The holes that are on a decaying tooth can be sorted out using the dental bonding process. The hole is filled so that food particles do not keep getting in and thus encourage the decay to progress. The filling tends to halt the decaying process.
  • To improve discolored teeth- Teeth that has discolored can also be corrected by the bonding method. In this case the filling should be close in color to the teeth. It should resemble the color of the teeth as much as possible.
  • Fill in the spaces in between teeth- When the teeth has grown with spaces in between them and Dental Bonding Smilethe person does not want them that way, then the dental bonding comes in handy. The spaces and gaps are filled in using the filler.
  • Repairing cracked teeth- Teeth may crack or chip off when it is exposed to unnecessary stress of hard work. This can happen during food chewing or biting. In order to prevent further damage to the teeth, one should resort to using a filler to cement the damage as early as when it is detected.

Advantages of using the dental bonding method

  1. Cost effective

The process is not expensive and therefore a majority of the people can afford it. It does not require expensive materials in order to complete it. You can get done affordable over at Smile Makers Dental Center.

  1. Cheap materials are used for the filler

The materials that are mainly used as filler are the resin and plastic materials. These are locally available in the market. They are therefore cheap.

  1. Visits to the dentist

The process does not require several visits to the dentist for preparation and checkups. Once the process is done, one is okay unless there is another reason that warrants the visit to the dentist.

  1. The process is fast

The process is done within the shortest time available. It does not need prior preparations of material before it is completed.

  1. There is no pain

There is no pain associated with this procedure. There are no tools for surgery used during dental bonding. Only the filler and the bonding material is used.